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An itchy beard can be a very frustrating thing to endure. Some men give up growing a beard just for that reason! Well this post will help you find an itchy beard remedy in order to help you grow that fabulous beard of yours.

In the following post we will take a look at why the itch develops and how to treat it.

Why does my beard itch?

If you have begun growing a beard in the past month, then it is quite possible that your face is getting used to the new conditions. As such the best beard itch remedy will be time.

A beardless skin state is quite different than that of a beardy one. Although I previously pointed out the benefits of having a beard I still think it is worth pointing out that your beard will beneficially influence the skin on your face. But the transition phase can be a bit annoying to endure. The main reason for that is the unequal growth of hair and quite importantly, moisture. The following itchy beard remedy tips will help you through your time of frustration.

What is the itchy beard remedy? Tell me…NOW!

Fine, just because you asked so nicely. The problem is as mentioned a new skin state. You can relieve beard itching using two simple measures:

  • use shampoo on your beard to keep it clean
  • apply a moisturizer, oil or something that hydrates the skin

I find a normal, if possible organic shampoo works great! There are also specialized beard shampoos available.

Additionally, if the previously stated itchy beard remedy techniques do not work, you may choose to use a conditioner once in a while.

Additional tips

Although the previous measures make for the perfect beard itch remedy, some additional advice can prove useful. As such I suggest you remove ingrown hair to relieve some tension.

If your beard still itches, try finding a cause for it. As said, if it is an itch in the first weeks of not shaving, then you can attribute that to the new skin condition as well as the facial hair trying to power through your skin. If it is itching constantly, it is most probably due to inadequate moisture of your face. Maybe you just need to moisturize, maybe you are using products that dry out your skin too much. Go play detective and find out!

This video might also help:

I hope these tips are the itchy beard remedy you were searching for, I wish you good day!


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